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Dr T.B. Solabakkanavar

The garden is conceived and designed by internationally renowned artist Prof. T.B.Solabakkanavar. In 1986, he created 120*4 feet long painting opposing atomic bombs and wars which depicted the massive destruction of earth. This painting was exhibited throughout India and other parts of the World. Recently this painting's video has been exhibited during International Conference on Hiroshima & Nagasaki Day in Japan. He served as a professor in Fine Arts College Davangere and took the voluntary retirement in 1990 and plunged into the folk and sculpture field.

He has already designed several artistic gardens in many parts of India. He has received several awards in the field of arts and culture like Karnataka Janapada & Yakshagana Academy Award, Karnataka Rajyotsava Award, and Karnataka Lalithakala Academy Honorary Award etc. He believed that Art is the reflection of the society and Mirror of the society & "Art is an aesthetics combined with social responsibility".    Click here to Read More

Aims & Objectives

  • To bring out art from metropolitan art galleries to common class people.
  • To create healthy atmosphere in our society and to create awareness to take environmental action to protect nature by planting various Indian trees, Rainwater Harvesting etc. and by giving a message to Mankind- Live and Let Live.
  • To provide employment opportunities to artists and local people.
  • To preserve and promote cultural values of rural life.
  • To exhibit the hidden traditional values (Moral, Social, Cultural & Traditional healthy food).
  • A center for communal harmony where people can stand,stare and get delighted by seeing their life reflected through art.
  • An unique spot which equally delights children, common people, educated and intellectuals.
  • To educate common people regarding Art presenting through realistic, super realistic, modern and contemporary styles of sculptures and paintings.
  • Carrying the art towards people in this era of Globalization, Computerization and Modernization.