Our Utsav Rock Garden have been awarded "Sculptural Garden Representing Contemporary art and rural culture"

Utsav Rock Garden has been registered in world records :-
  1. Record holders republic India (RHR)-UK
  2. Unique World Record
  3. World Record India
  4. India Book of Records
  5. Everest World Records by Nepal
  6. Record Setter from USA
  7. Assist World Record

UTSAV ROCK GARDEN is a contemporary sculpture garden consisting of indoor and outdoor sculpture museum where you can find the sculpturedepicting the old rural life and folk culture of Karnataka.

Mahatma Gandhiji’s dream village is created where you can find self-governing, self-reliant and self-employed rural professions like Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Potter, Barber, Weaver, Cobbler, Shopkeeper, Farmer, Tailor etc are depicted through sculptures.

A unique picnic spot which delights common people, educated and intellectuals. This is a place where layman and VIPs’ can enjoy the art in the same path. At every corner of the garden you can find the beautiful combination of art and nature. It is not just a sculptural garden but it is also a cultural and educational center for public.

There are more than thousand sculptures in the garden. It is the best tourist centre in North Karnataka where public can enjoy and get delighted by the beauty of realistic and contemporary art.

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